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INTOX was founded in 1995 by a dedicated group of qualified and experienced toxicologists with a mission to provide high quality, reliable research and testing services in the field of product safety assessment to clients globally.

As we celebrate 25 years of our operations, we are pleased to announce that INTOX is now part of Aragen Life Sciences, a global research, development, and manufacturing solutions provider. We will now be able to integrate world class drug discovery and development capabilities at Aragen with INTOX’s proven experience in conducting GLP compliant studies for small molecules and biologics.

Rely on INTOX

Core Values

  • Pursuit of Excellence

    • We continuously strive to attain excellence in all aspects of our existence.

  • Teamwork and Trust

    • We value our commitments. We believe in integrity and honorable dealings. We foster an environment which nurtures the spirit of trust, teamwork, openness and respect among the stakeholders.

  • Being Responsible

    • We choose to remain responsible to the Society, to Environment, to our Nation, and to the World.

INTOX offers a wide range of non-clinical in-vivo and in-vitro research services to cater to the product development and registration needs of diverse industries and research communities related to,

  • pharmaceuticals/ biopharmaceuticals,

  • nutraceuticals,

  • crop protection products,

  • industrial chemicals and

  • medical devices,


who wish to obtain National and International registration of their new products, with the respective Governmental regulatory authorities.


Today, INTOX is one of the most trusted names in safety assessment, with its GLP compliance been endorsed by regulators from India and Europe.